About Us

Prab Space Saving Concepts Pvt.Ltd was started on 23rd Jan 2010 with a vision to be a world class space saving company constantly creating more living space for everyone with the best hardware innovative designs with research & development for the product.

In India with the expansion of all the cities and increasing population scarcity of space is and will be a big issue. Keeping this in mind the new product line of space saving utility products was started. The product formed the industry space saving Interiors where in you can maximise the usage and also enjoy the space at home and office.

As a Reputed firm PRAB delivering highly creatively designed and cost effective products with international standards.

We will always be committed to lead the market in manufacturing and supplying high quality space saving furniture. A system's quality performance is proven over time.

Our solutions understand we excel at both but specifically listen to your needs; we have our experience and expertise to offer and to meet Space Saving solutions of every individual.


We spend most of living time, within the four walls that we call spaces of our own. In today's era most of us do not have the luxury of living in a home with a private study, a guest bedroom or a home office. The choices we have are always between 2 or 3 bed rooms and in some cases even one bed room. With emerging trends in studio apartments, the choice might also be restricted to just a single living space in the near future. Luxury is always related to large spaces. But we believe in "small space luxury". We would like to provide all the luxuries of a large space, within the limits of your small home. Is that possible in reality? With "PRAB" yes, it is!!

We address the issue of small space by creating 'dynamic living spaces'. Currently all our interior spaces are static - a dining room is always a dining room. The furniture in the space (e.g.dining table) defines the function of the space (dining room). A dining table is not used in the night time. How about removing the unused dining table in the night and putting a guest bed in the same space? The reverse can be done in the day time. Thus space is put into best use and is no more static. The space in this case is dynamic. It is put into different functions in different times of the day. How do we achieve this? Moving furniture itself is a mammoth task and where do we keep it when we do not use it? We offer a range of products that help you achieve this mammoth task in less than two minutes.

Our product range includes single bed that transforms into study table, double bed that transforms into dinning, dining that transforms into single bed etc. With a little extra time and development cost, we could also customize new space transformations as per your need. We also offer a range horizontal and vertical folding wall beds, wall dining and wall study units space saving foldable shoe racks that can maximize your space.

If you are a home maker looking for an extra guest bed room, if you are a consultant looking for an extra home office, if you are a father looking for an exclusive study room for your kid, or you are someone who has a special space constraint that cannot be addressed by conventional furniture then, 'PRAB' is your answer.